Potent and Pretend #286

If we look back on our lives, it’s easy to see the potential we think we were given.  However, as we age, we sometimes imagine that we can waste or somehow fail to use this potential, which can create depression or leave us feeling letdown. What I argue, is that it’s never too late to … Continue reading Potent and Pretend #286

Time Keeps on Tipping #285

Before I get into today’s topic, which may come off as a rant, I will first present my experiential resume: I spent six years working in restaurants, where I did it all: I cooked, served, bartended, bused, barista-d, managed, and even did custodial work. Throwing out my greatest “anomalous” nights, when I made 60 bucks … Continue reading Time Keeps on Tipping #285

I Do Not Have Cancer

There but for the grace of G-d go I. The doctor was supposed to call on Thursday. After she didn't call Thursday, we re-did the math: maybe Friday was three days AFTER the Tuesday after the Monday ("They said three days, right?")? When no one called Friday, I thought, "Oh well?" "Call her first thing Monday!" People who worry more than I do told me. "I don't want to … Continue reading I Do Not Have Cancer