Exit Interviews #281

The last two years of my life have been ‘gracefully chaotic.’ I’ve had the pleasure of friends visiting me and taking vacations to see friends, and despite the stress of travel and time away, I have left each rendezvous feeling happier and more at peace. The value of these trips is sometimes lost amidst the … Continue reading Exit Interviews #281

The Persistence of Youth #280

I am currently in Mexico, in a city I visited year-after-year as a kid, but last visited nearly 25 years ago. It’s enthrallingto be here now, re-inventing a place loaded with so much nostalgia. It’s as if everything has changed, while not changing at all. The locals smile the same way. The streets look the … Continue reading The Persistence of Youth #280

#278 Dharma Initiative

First, I lived in fear. Fear that my soon-to-be ex-wife would abduct our son. “That’s crazy,” I was told by friends and lawyers. “It’s also unconscionable, and illegal.” Only one psychologist “got it right.” She said, “If she really wants to, she will.” And she did. At first, I was hurt, but open minded. Surely, … Continue reading #278 Dharma Initiative