Ice Island #260

If I could book a flight to anywhere on Earth, I would pick Greenland, because since childhood, I've stared at it on maps and wished I could go and see what it's all about. I know very little about Greenland, but my favorite way to travel is to go to a weird place, with no … Continue reading Ice Island #260


Long End of the Short Stick #259

"But what if this is all a dream?" Her dog asked right before she woke up. *** The very next day I was at the park when I heard a deafening, high pitched whine. I looked around, but no one else seemed to hear it. Impossible! I thought, teeth clenched in an effort to protect … Continue reading Long End of the Short Stick #259

Say It Ain’t So #256

Once upon a time, a middle-aged white man reached the impossibly secluded ashram of The Enlightened One, an Indian sage rumored to be over 120 years old. Dressed in the standard "Western Seeker in India" orange robe with an untidy beard, the bewildered seeker collapsed on the floor, hands clenched in prayer position, and began … Continue reading Say It Ain’t So #256