Sure Prize #305

I’m not an optimist or a pessimist. I’m worse. I’m an “It Can Happen-ist.” This means I believe that if it can happen, it can happen, so very little shocks me. As an ICHist, I sleep well at night by refusing to suffer from imaginary and unimaginable consequences. I see little difference between a plane … Continue reading Sure Prize #305

Pharmakon Logic #304

I have a fun job. I write indexes for books (For younger readers, I’m like an ancestor of Google). Since I don’t get to choose my books, I’m constantly learning strange things. One week I’ll learn about Post-Colonial Sexism in Western Art, and the next I’m onto Airport Design for Engineers. Last week, as I … Continue reading Pharmakon Logic #304

Incertainity #302

When I hear, “In these uncertain times,” I instantly yearn for the good old days, when things were certain. Remember, before Covid-19, when everything was certain? Personally, I’ve never experienced certainty, and I wouldn’t recognize it if it came to my door with government issued I.D. The only thing I’m confident of is that every … Continue reading Incertainity #302

Blood, Sweat, and Fears #300

I started writing weekly essays 14 years ago with one rule: I wasn’t willing to make enemies, so I avoided divisive topics like politics and morality. My strategy worked. My readership slowly blossomed as I repeatedly succumbed to the adage, “Don’t rock the boat.” I wasn’t ashamed of my opinions; I feared rejection, thanks to … Continue reading Blood, Sweat, and Fears #300