YMBAHI # 244 Based on feedback from last week's hippie theme, I am going to 'pay homage' to comedian Jeff Foxworthy with my own wild version of his "You Might Be A Redneck" routine. But trust me! Mine is outrageously different. I mean, you'll never guess… You did guess? Well, the jokes are original. Get ready! … Continue reading YMBAHI #244


Tell Me What It Means #243

I'm a big old hippie, so I do lots of hippie things, unconsciously, that probably need explanations. I say this because I tried to open this essay, for a general audience, with the line, "This morning my Angel Card said 'Respect'…" thinking that would fly. What is an Angel Card (asks 99% of readers)? It … Continue reading Tell Me What It Means #243