Patience Points #265

I was at a fancy scotch tasting in a fancy hotel listening to a guy in a kilt. Seconds into his fancy lecture, I hit my limit: we had three pours of liquid gold in front of us, but he was dead set on finishing his hour-plus indulgent lecture before we tried any. Who on … Continue reading Patience Points #265


Woo-hoo Woo-woo #264

“Your left ankle is inflexible,” she said, after releasing her finger’s pressure on one spot on it. The pain had been so bad I'd wanted to kick her and leave the room. “I know. I have flat feet. The left one is extreme. It pronates forty-five degrees and used to swell so badly from standing, that … Continue reading Woo-hoo Woo-woo #264

The Digestion of Monte Cristo #263

A few years ago I was suffering from what at the time I called a tragedy, but now consider another humbling event in an unpredictably fulfilling life. I was depressed at that time—a good thing for me—because it whittled away my pride for self-sufficiency, so I was willing to seek and listen to advice on … Continue reading The Digestion of Monte Cristo #263